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The Women in Welfare Education Group began over twenty years ago, when a group of women met spontaneously at an AASWWE conference in 1983. This group of women educators met to discuss (and complain about) the lack of gender perspectives in both the organisational and educational aspects of both welfare and social work education. A national conference was planned in Melbourne for the following year and WIWE was formally established. Since then a loose network of women have met annually at WIWE half/one day conferences which have piggy backed AASWWE conferences.

In the early years of the network WIWE was actively involved in leading the push for affirmative action policies in Schools of Social Work around Australia; involving welfare education in the educational debate and therefore increasing the national voice to include representation from the post secondary sector as well as the tertiary sector; developing feminist teaching strategies and introducing feminist electives in the curriculum and encouraging and supporting women in academia to conduct feminist research. An example   of this support in the early 1990's was a series of meetings between women academics in Sydney who shared their research and encouraged members in their pursuit of a doctorate.

It was in this arena of positive support that the idea for the women in welfare Education journal was conceived. The first edition was published in 1994. The journal became a strategy to encourage the writings of Australian educators, practitioners and students on issues relevant to social work and welfare in Australia. Recent editions have also included a small number of women's writing from overseas.

Apart from the journal the group meets for WIWE meetings and one day conferences, organised alongside AASWWE conferences and usually organised by the women from the state/territory where the conference is being held.


WIWE Journal

  WIWE Contents

  WIWE #1 - 1994

  WIWE # 2 - 1996

  WIWE # 3 - 1998

  WIWE # 4 - November 2000

  WIWE # 5 - September 2002

  WIWE # 6 - Special Field Education Edition, September 2003

  WIWE # 7 - dedicated to the memory of Wendy Weeks, October 2004

  WIWE # 8 - November 2006 (now published online; ISSN: 1834-4941)

  WIWE # 9 - April 2010

  WIWE # 10 - December 2011

The WIWE Journal

Women in Welfare Education
is a refereed journal aimed at encouraging and publishing women’s writing on research, theory and practice as it relates to social work and welfare education. It is published at least every 2 years with special editions devoted to a specific theme. Previous editions have focussed on the development of knowledge, which has either a direct or indirect impact on feminist welfare and social work education and practice. Submissions of papers of between 4000 and 6000 words or research notes of up to 3000 words are invited.

For information about submitting an article or requesting back copies contact:

Karen Heycox
Convenor WIWE Editorial Board
School of Social Work
UNSW Sydney 2052 NSW